About TIN Hotels

TIN Hotels is the innovative choice for the global traveller. Seamlessly integrating with our surroundings and communities, each hotel celebrates a unique individuality. With contributions from local artists and artisans and a unique diary of cultural and social events, TIN Hotels balance thoughtful design with a distinctly local flavour.

Our concept is simple; to design guest experiences with a unique flow. Experiences that embrace socialising, relaxation and work within the same environment. TIN Hotels are not a generic commodity trying to please all people, instead we intend to bring together those who share a similar ethos – a distinct appreciation of style and comfort within a vibrant ambience, be it for business or pleasure.

These experiences draw guests from their rooms to vibrant lobbies, pools and roof terrace bars, redefining hotels as much more than just a place to sleep.

With partners GHM, a global pioneer in luxury hotels and hospitality, the TIN Hotels lifestyle-centric concept benefits from unrivalled experience and pedigree. Our hotels will naturally embody a similar elegance and service provided by all our world-class hotels, while embracing a new generation of guest experiences as unique as you are.

The global traveller is ready for change.

Welcome to TIN Hotels.

TIN Hotels is an experience yet unknown in the mid‑scale market segment: it is a space you want to belong to.

Hans R. Jenni, President, GHM

Our Partners

The influential combination of GHM and van de Bunt Partners brings the dual strengths of knowledge and understanding to the creation of TIN Hotels.

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