The Team

Many years of experience in upper-tier hotel management has granted GHM the insight to employ trusted principles of luxury hospitality in a new and unique fashion, appealing to a previously underserved traveller. Pairing this excellence with van de Bunt Partners’ work in real estate and property portfolio management forges the perfect alliance. Through this synergy, TIN Hotels introduces an exciting brand in upscale, urban lodging.


Formed in 1992 by Hans R. Jenni and hotelier Adrian Zecha - GHM has designed and developed some of the most stylish and exclusive hotels worldwide. The Chedi collection and the Anh Luh portfolio are a clear testament to our partner’s sense of style and vision.

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van de Bunt Partners

Based in Dubai with interests in Germany, Oman and Abu Dhabi as well as many other regions – van de Bunt Partners was established in 2006 by Dr Peter van de Bunt. Dr van de Bunt is a respected figure in hotel investment; his firm benefits from both his 20 years’ experience in hotel development and investment advisory.

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TIN Hotels was created to challenge the status quo without compromising style and excellence, and to offer the lifestyle traveller a unique proposition.

Dr Peter Van de bunt, Chairman, TIN Hotels